CSL Plasma - Norman, OK - Reviews, Appointment & Contact (2024)

CSL plasma Inc. is one of the world’s largest collectors of human plasma. As a leader in plasma collection, CSL Plasma is committed to excellence and innovation in everything we do. Our work helps to ensure that tens of thousands of people are able to live normal, healthy lives. We are committed to our work because lives depend on us. Our U.S. plasma collection centers, which are located throughout the United States, are committed to the highest standards of quality and Safety. Plasma is the essential ingredient for products crucial to treating patients suffering from a host of life-threatening conditions and bleeding disorders. Give a valuable gift to those who require plasma-derived therapies to live healthier lives.

Based on 233 reviews, this Blood donation center has received a rating of 3 stars

Address: 1327 E Lindsey St, Norman, OK 73071

Phone: (405) 447-9977

Website: https://www.cslplasma.com/center/20

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Ashley Carlson

I came here today as a new donor, everyone was nice and good at their job but the nurse. I have a heart monitor but am not diagnosed with anything with my heart, I didn’t think it would give me issues. I went back to see the nurse, she asked lots of questions and had a rude attitude. when she went to check my heart, I let her know about my heart monitor(before this there was no questions on or for anything I did if getting testing meant they would not take me.) she then pulled my shirt down far enough to see the heart monitor WITHOUT ASKING. after that she then asked lots of questions of why I have a heart monitor, I told her and she acted like it was not enough for me to have one. She triggered trauma and was rude. She maybe late 60s-70s and her name started with a V or Van. The rest of the people were so nice and good at what they did.

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Rebekah Tidwell-Thorne

The techs are wonderful! So friendly, they remember your name and treat you with kindness and professionalism. The wait seems to be long, even if the line is short to take your vitals. Average time for a regular donor is around 2.5 hours. The nursing staff is horrid. They are rude, slow, very unprofessional and ruin the center as a whole, in my opinion. I would not go there just due to the nursing staff. I tried to get the names of the two nurses I had dealt with and was told that was private information. I feel like it was a racial interaction and I was berated and treated poorly because I’m a white female. They ruin the entire experience. I’ve been donating for years at CSL and after my experience today, I definitely will be changing plasma facilities. I do not recommend!

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David Besherse

Today was the first I donated at a plasma center other than CSL, I will never go back. The other plasma place showed me how unprofessional the screening at CSL really is. And the whole process was faster than CSL. The screening staff was extremely kind at the non CSL center, much different from CSL screening staff who couldn’t care less about the donors. The screening staff fails to consider some doners have issues such as disc fusions and can’t stand for extended periods while they cut up and talk, the staff from management all the way down the chain is totally inconsiderate.

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Danielle Eaton

The stickers Taylor and Ellie are AMAZING and always very kind and sweet but the nurses especially the older staff have all been very rude not just to me but many others that I witness. The head nurse distracts and talks to the intake staff keeping them from doing their jobs it is so understaffed now. When I first started it was never like this now your here 3 to 5 hours every single time. Definitely not worth the money or your time you wait 2 hours in one line to get your vitals and then another hour or 2 just to get in a bed. I watch so many people walk out its crazy and it doesn’t matter what time of day or day of the week you come because it is always like this. I’m switching to Biolife as they have an appointment option.

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Brenda Page

There’s never people waiting to have vitals done when I come in,, and they get me in right away,, the staff is very nice and polite.

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Jennifer Epperson

I understand that y’all get busy but when it’s taking people 2 to 3 hours to be screened and sometimes just as long to get on the donor floor. Waits should never be that long unless you are a new donor. When we as donors see people who are working here just standing around when y’all are this busy. My son in law has spent 9 hours one day donating because it took y’all 6 hours for a nurse to call him in the back. Please figure out a system so all of us donors don’t have this long of wait.

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Logan Swindell

Love the staff and love saving lives. You know it’s a busy place and that you’re going to have to wait for at least an hour and a half to three hours to donate. If you need the money that bad and you want to help people, then it’s really not too horrible to have to stand there and wait. I don’t understand why there’s so many reviews on here about horrible staff, all of the staff that I have seen up there is extremely friendly and helpful and they always thank you for your donation. They can only go as fast as they can go and if you want a sanitary location to donate that is looking out for your health and safety and others, then people need to have a little more patience.

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nicholas wilson

Big waste of time , I waited over 2 hours in regular line then got advised to see the nurse wheee I waited over a hour and finally left . Drove over 20 miles to get here for nothing

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El Anderson

The staff approved my boyfriend to donate with scabs and bruises.. plasma was leaking out his wounds at home.

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j s

High turn over and Constantly short staffed. Management and staff working the front counter do not know nor are they willing to learn how to diffuse any situation that could spiral. They would rather add to the tension and get loud with customers which is highly inappropriate. Phlebotomists are not trained well which could cause you as a customer $$$$$. They could make a mistake which could delay you from donating for close to a month or more. Becareful and watch who sets you up carefully once you have a bed.

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CSL Plasma - Norman, OK - Reviews, Appointment & Contact (2024)
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