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City building combined with a Role playing game the element is what Last Fortress: Underground is. Developed by LIFE IS A LIMITED GAME, is a zombie apocalypse game. It’s a unique game when it comes to the city building genre, as it focuses on a post-apocalyptic era. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll discuss in detail what Last Fortress: Underground rotates, what the gameplay is like, and help new players understand how it works.

Game overview

Last Fortress: Underground has a common history among games in this genre. Almost the entire world has been wiped out by a zombie apocalypse, with the exception of a few pockets of survivors, and these are the players. Players start in a city known as Castle, and they discover that it is the last human surviving community on the planet. The last hope of humanity.

But, due to unforeseen circ*mstances, the city falls prey to a large horde of undead and the survivors are forced to move underground. When this happens, the game starts correctly. The players are placed in the role of Commander of the Castle community, and now it’s the Commander’s job to take care of their town, make sure the people are happy, the community has enough resources, and protect them from any zombie attacks.

Introducing the basics of Last Fortress: Underground

The gameplay of Last Fortress: Underground is a mix of traditional zombie games and Fallout Shelter. It also has different and unique elements. Let’s see in detail what the gameplay of this game looks like.

Main gameplay

As soon as the game begins, players are thrown into the midst of a group of survivors. The group narrowly avoids being mauled by a horde of zombies and, in the meantime, discovers a bunker. This bunker then becomes their fortress. After the bunker is discovered, the group assigns the survivors to different tasks. This is where players take control. Assigning survivors to the perfect job is the responsibility of the players.


The survivors of the group that discovers the bunker are called “Heroes” and are a special group. Other heroes can also be recruited in the fortress. There are two types of heroes in Last Fortress: Underground:

  • Production heroes: These heroes are the best at all kinds of manufacturing businesses. Cooking, mining, laboratory research, etc. They are the tasks at which they are best. Some production examples are Heroes Maurer, Pearson, Wolowitz, Laura Chen, Tikka, Fiona, Helen, etc.
  • Fighting Heroes: Fighting heroes make up a large part of the hero roster in Last Fortress. They are divided into 4 separate groups: The Minutemen, the Avengers, the Brutes and the Watchers. Some of these are the strongest heroes in their respective jobs in the game. Having some of these can greatly increase the players’ chances of survival. The strongest fighting heroes among the current list are Bolton, Harman, Rolando And Enrico.
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There’s a Compendium where players can view all hero stats and level-up effects. Make sure you check this out. It is important to understand that these heroes can be recruited.

Excavation of the Fortress

The first real task the survivors have to perform is digging in the areas of the fortress. As the excavation progresses, players will discover new areas in the fortress. Important areas like the Iron mine, stone mine, dinner the water station, etc. are just some of the areas that players will discover.

Along with this, players will unlock the Control center which is the most im[portant part of the fortress. The Control Center provides access to a lot of other important areas in the fortress. Upgrading the Control Center should always be a priority, as it will continue to provide access to new areas of the fortress.


Like any other zombie game, this game consists of combat as a core part of the gameplay. The combat itself is turn-based, with different formations that can be used for maximum survivability and damage output. An example of that is the tanks and protectors being in the front row, while the assassins and marksmen stand in the back row. This helps the stronger tanks to absorb damage while their weaker counterparts dish out a ton of damage from the back. Most of this type of combat takes place in the fortress when the players discover new areas like mines and such.

Upgrading Areas

Players will constantly keep discovering new areas at the beginning of the game, and these new areas will need to be upgraded from time to time. These upgrades require different resources that players can collect through missions or by excavating around the fortress. All of these upgrades revolve around one upgrade: The Control Center. It’s kind of like Clash Of Clans, where if the Town Hall is not upgraded, it doesn’t make sense to upgrade anything else. Just like that, if the Control Center is not upgraded, new areas can’t be accessed, and existing areas cannot be upgraded.

Rescuing Citizens

Aside from work inside the fortress, there is work to be done on the outside as well. The only outside work that is very necessary is rescuing citizens in other areas. The players will find that two survivors will show up at the base after a few hours of playing, and these survivors are Heroes as well. They have left their friends behind in the city, and they request the players’ original group to help rescue them.

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For this, they need to repair a vehicle that is parked out front near the entrance of the fortress. One of the two new heroes repairs the car, and they are off to rescue their friends. When they come back, these friends become citizens of the fortress and can be assigned to menial mining jobs in the stone quarry and iron mines. These citizens aren’t heroes, so they cannot produce special stuff or take part in combat.


When the survivors first get into the bunker, they find a diary. This diary contains various quests, and these quests are very important, as they can help immensely with progression at the start of the game. All of these quests provide Experience, which is important for leveling up the Heroes, especially the combat Heroes, as they are the ones who the players will send out to fight when they excavate new areas. These quests are sorted into Chapters, and completing all quests within a Chapter will grant players a ton of experience and other rewards.


An Alliance is the PvP element of Last Fortress: Underground. Players, after reaching a certain level, can join an alliance. It is like a Clan from Clash Of Clans. After joining, players can get into wars with other alliances and can get help and resources from their own alliances. Though the main focus of the game is the PvE element.

Understanding the in-game Currencies

There are a total of four primary resources in Last Fortress: Underground. They are as follows:

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  • Food: The food that the residents and Heroes need to survive inside the fortress. Food production takes place in the diner, and by catching gophers with the help of traps in the fortress.
  • Power: Power keeps all the areas of the fortress running. It is especially important for research purposes and in the lab. Power is produced through the power station.
  • Iron: Iron is a building material in the fortress. There are two ways to get iron, it can be obtained either through mining in the Iron Mine or through the debris when the players excavate and unblock other parts of the fortress.
  • Stone: Stones are the most important building material along with iron. They can be obtained through the Stone Quarry or the debris from the excavating process for other areas of the fortress.

Underground Currency and in-game Monetization

In terms of currency, the resources can count as free currency, as many of them are required for exchanges and trade. The premium currency is of course Diamonds. These diamonds can speed up the building processes, and upgrading processes, and can also help in reducing other timers throughout the fortress.

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As for monetization, the game can be Free-to-Play friendly, but Premium, paying players will definitely have more of an advantage. There is a whole Premium Center with offers and packs dedicated to the paying players. This is also the place where players can buy Nate, a robot helper that collects resources, sends them for distribution throughout the fortress, and performs other routine tasks around the fortress.

He is like Mr, Handy from Fallout Shelter, except, he can only be bought permanently by using real money. Players can also buy different Resource Packs here which can provide them with a boost in the resource count, and help to upgrade their fortress faster.

Last Fortress: Underground Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Last Fortress: Underground Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

  • When players start, it is better to save their diamonds instead of spending them on progression.
  • Players should always give first priority to completing all the quests in the chapters of the diary. The diary is one of the most useful resources in the game, and this will help players immensely.
  • Leveling up Heroes is one of the most important elements of the game. Combat Heroes need more power, and to get that power, they need to level up. And these levels can be obtained through Experience.
  • Players should always focus on enlisting all the Production Heroes to workstations that are best suited for them. This is because work needs to be done and tasks need to be performed continuously around the fortress. Keeping the heroes busy will also help them to gain experience, and then they can easily level up.
  • Players can also join alliances to upgrade their base faster, and help their alliance mates in return.
  • Focusing on exploration should also be what newer players do at the start of the game. Excavate all the areas possible in order to unlock new areas and further the progress.
  • Always keep researching new technologies in the research lab. Researching new technologies allows deeper exploration into the fortress. Some areas of the fortress can’t be excavated without certain levels of technology, so it is very necessary to always keep the lab running.

Final Thoughts

For new players, all the different elements of the game can get quite overwhelming. So it is recommended to focus on just a few major things first. Excavation and exploration should be the main focuses of newer players. After that, maintaining resources at the highest quantity possible should be the second main focus. Once the fortress is neatly established and running smoothly is when players should shift their focus to combat training heroes and soldiers.

Overall, there is a lot of stuff new players can do, and they should take their time with it and enjoy the game at their own pace. So go ahead and give it a try! If you find trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back on this Last Fortress: Underground beginners guide for tips.

That’s all from us for the Last Fortress: Underground Beginners Guide! Did you find our Last Fortress: Underground beginners guide helpful?Do let us know in thecomments!

Last Fortress: Guide and Tips for Underground Beginners - Sbenny’s Blog (2024)
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