Last Fortress: Underground Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Grow Your Fortress And Fend Off the Zombie Hordes - Level Winner (2024)

Last Fortress: Underground is an exciting simulation title with RPG elements from Life Is A Game Limited, that’s currently available exclusively on Android. Set in a zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic world, your task is to serve as a commander for the survivors inhabiting your newly-discovered fortress. The fortress itself is in constant need of repairs and upgrades and along with its continuous development and expansion, you will constantly need to ensure that each person within your camp is doing his or her part.

At first glance, Last Fortress: Underground will certainly remind experienced and veteran players of Fallout Shelter or other loosely similar mobile games. Survival, post-apocalyptic, and underground camp, however, are the only cue words that link the similarities.

Last Fortress: Underground offers a totally unique gameplay that RPG and management sim enthusiasts will surely enjoy diving into. The story-driven narratives and art style greatly contribute to making the experience an intriguing and immersive one. If you enjoy RPGs and base-building games, Last Fortress: Underground is certainly a game you can easily enjoy.

Despite the constant atmosphere of urgency that greets you as you dive into the world of Last Fortress: Underground, taking it slow to understand the story and the rationale behind your objectives is important. You can always opt to hit the “skip” button on any dialogue and instantly get to the part where you need to act. There are, however, some useful information to pick up from the skippable cut scenes.

There are a lot of things to learn especially at the early part of your adventure. If you want a fast and efficient approach towards securing your fortress and becoming a top tier survivor, then be sure to read on and check out our Last Fortress: Underground beginner’s guide for a bunch of useful tips, tricks and strategies!

1. Prioritize Chapter Progression

Even for experienced and veteran gamers, Last Fortress: Underground provides plenty of new and unique game mechanics that take some time getting used to. Although the volume of information that you have to know and understand are a lot once all features have been unlocked, it will take time to do so and you will be guided accordingly every step of the way.

As soon as your adventure begins, you will easily notice the current objective at the left side of the screen. Quest objectives appear only one at a time, but you can view the whole set for each chapter by clicking the icon on its left. Chapters are presented in days and you will have to accomplish all missions within it to proceed to the next one. Each quest accomplished earns you rewards and completing the entire set for the day also comes with extra rewards.

Proceeding to accomplish missions one after another will unlock various facilities and features you can engage in on your own. You are very much free to deviate from the task at hand, but we recommend prioritizing it over other activities. There are halls to dig, facilities to repair and upgrade, resources to gather, and people to tend to. What you should be after more than anything is to unlock as many of the features at the soonest possible time.

When it comes to prioritizing quests, these will almost always need just 1 survivor to initiate and progress. For the most part, this will also involve some waiting period especially in the case of facility upgrades. You will start with 2 survivors to tend to various concerns within your camp, ensuring that at least one of them will constantly be free to perform other tasks. In some cases, the pending completion of the current quest will also not require a worker involved, so this will give you several opportunities to do as you please.

2. Keep Everyone And Everything As Busy As Can Be

One of the key skill you need to hone and exercise in Last Fortress: Underground is the ability to multitask well. Most especially at the early part of your immersion, there will hardly be any moments when there is absolutely nothing to do. The plethora of activities is not just limited to what is within your fortress, relating to unlocks and upgrades on facilities, conducting research, gathering resources, cooking food, and even tending to each of the many survivors’ individual growth and development.

While the main quests effectively give you a tour across the numerous activities you can engage in Last Fortress: Underground, its effort to objectively introduce you to more activities will seldom to rarely involve engaging in the same exact activity twice.

At certain points as you make progress, you will have to regularly perform some tasks as part of the routine work. It will be natural to feel that there is always more than what you can handle at a given time and that is okay. The idea is to ensure that you will be able to fully utilize available people and resources to their fullest.

The best way to go about this is to check the icons at the upper left side of your screen. You will easily identify some idle people or process with icons that appear to be snoozing. Taking on the requirement of the current objective may require using one of the 2 initial workers, ensuring the other to be completely available for you to deploy to various errands. The diner has a separate and distinct icon as well, hinting the need for constant cooking.

One of the important features you will unlock early on is the research lab. It is fortunate that you actually do not need to assign people to it for new discoveries to be made. There are plenty of important and helpful upgrades to unlock through research so ensuring that something is always being learned matters. The initial choices will form part of the campaign objectives but, at some point, you will have to choose from different available choices as to which one you should prioritize first.

Some research nodes, construction, and upgrades require certain materials and you also need to constantly collect mushrooms and trapped giant gophers to sustain the diner’s need for cooking ingredients. One of the biggest help you will get is N.A.T.E. who is a robot that would automatically collect resources within the fortress for you. Before unlocking him, you will have to regularly utilize a worker for that task and once N.A.T.E. starts taking over the collections chore, you can proceed top begin upgrading and building facilities using 2 workers.

3. Progress Through The Exploration

In support of breaking first impressions that Last Fortress: Underground could just be a Fallout Shelter clone, the Exploration Mode, which serves as a campaign of sorts, breathes extra life to the seemingly monotonous routine of tending to your fortress’ expansion and development. Tending to the fortress alone does require a lot of planning and patience but the Exploration game mode itself presents another set of challenges you should strategize around.

For the most part early on, you will mostly be utilizing the 2 guys, Brady and Fernando, as the all-around workers. They tend to facility buildings and upgrades, breaking down stone walls, and even collecting and transporting resources. This is because these 2 guys are assigned at work stations. Once you are able to recruit more heroes and build another work station, you can basically add another cue to work.

Emma will primarily be assigned to cooking and she is not bad at it. At some point, you will have more suitable candidates for the role and if the diner is the priority assignment for them, then you can easily switch assignments by tapping on the work icon on each facility. There will be additional survivors to join you later on, especially once you can afford recruiting new ones.

At this point, you may be wondering about your secret agent companion, Natalie, whose usefulness seem to be limited to fighting battles to unlock new areas within the fortress. Once the Exploration feature has become available, however, Natalie will be among the first of your heroes to progress in this campaign mode of sorts. You can access this game mode via the “Explore” icon at the lower left side of the screen.

The campaign mode works mostly like turn-based strategy RPGs. You form a team of 5 combat heroes to battle through stages and earn various rewards. Within the map, EXP for your heroes as well as Z coins are generated over time. The amount increases based on progress and can accumulate for as long as 10 hours.

Every battle you successfully win in earns you various important resources and items, including shards to upgrade some heroes. You can see the Combat Power (CP) of your team in contrast with that of the enemy and while this is a reliable indicator of your chance to win, you can still win against stronger enemies.

Relative to this campaign, this is where managing heroes come into play. You can do fairly well at this point to leave production heroes as is. In the case of combat heroes, however, you will need to strategize a bit more to make them effective in combat. Combat heroes each have unique sets of skills that give you an idea of their performance in battle.

With a full team of 5 heroes and 2 lanes in the formation, taking each combat hero’s abilities in consideration are important to determining how best to deploy them. At some point, determining how these skills complement one another will also help you choose from among available combat heroes once you have more than 5 of them.

Factions are very important to take into account when it comes to choosing combat heroes. Their factions are represented by the icons on the lower left side of their portrait. Faction synergy bonuses are activated when at least 3 heroes of the same faction are deployed on the battlefield, increasing TAC ATK and WPN ATK by 10, and HP by 10%.

Adding 2 heroes belonging to another faction boosts the effect to increase the HP boost by another 5%. If 4 heroes within the same faction are utilized, each member will obtain TAC ATK and WPN ATK increase of 20 and an HP boost of 15%. A full squad of combat heroes belonging to same faction ultimately provides a 25 increase to both TAC ATK and WPN ATK and a 25% HP increase.

4. Upgrade Your Heroes As Much As You Can

When it comes to RPGs and strategy games, resource management has always been considered among the most important aspect of strategy and survival. Last Fortress: Underground highlights the importance of managing various resources early on and will hardly leave you with an overabundance of anything from the start of your journey. As you exercise care and prudence in consuming valuable resources, it becomes natural to hesitate expending them fully or at all as with a mindset that hoarding resources for later is a wise decision.

While all resources are limited in Last Fortress: Underground, each one will no doubt have a constant supply of. There are justifiable reasons to hold on to some of them but, for the most part, using them early on for the growth and development of the fortress and its residents is the smarter course of action.

This idea holds true most especially with regard to your heroes as the combat group needs higher CP to progress through the campaign and help unlock areas in the fortress, not to mention hunting down zombies on the world map. Non-combat personnel need love to as enhancements on them boost their efficiency, ensuring better work outputs and results.

The most basic way of enhancing heroes is through levelling them up. Some EXP can be gained from activities but you can grant any hero an instant level up by consuming hero EXP that you generate and gain from the campaign as well as other rewards. Each new level expectedly requires more EXP to consume.

Once a unit reaches level 10, they will need to undergo a breakthrough to reach the next level. This will cost Z Coins on top of EXP but will result in a bigger increase in stats. Heroes have level caps based on their grade and you will need to ascend them to increase their level cap.

You will naturally want to spread resources across all characters but you should strategize well around each one’s usefulness. Preference can be given to combat personnel but knowing you will eventually have more than 5 of them should prepare you to bench one of the current team members at some point.

For these scenarios, it is best to invest heavily in the ones you feel will be useful all the time, limiting enhancements to those who are likely to be replaced. As for the non-combat unit types, enhancement should be aligned with your current and urgent needs.

The more challenging method of enhancing heroes is ascension. This will upgrade the hero to the next grade but the requirements are shards of the hero or in some cases, shards of other heroes within the same grade. Ascending heroes do not have level requirements so you can perform this upgrade so long as you have the needed materials. Ascension is key to unlocking the hero’s other skills and each ascension comes with tremendous stat boosts as well.

In relation to making your heroes stronger, be sure to regularly check on the availability of items you can equip on each of them. Each hero can equip 4 different items that provide various buffs. Most items you will obtain early on, however, relate to production and will be most suitable for the non-combat personnel.

Just the same, making full use of each available item in your inventory is important as every bit of boost you can obtain contributes to your camp and people’s continuous growth and development.

5. Join An Alliance As Soon As Possible

Yet another important reason for you to prioritize progression through the main quests to reach the end of day 6 and finally unlock the alliance feature. If alliances in online games are still an unfamiliar territory for you, the basic concept to bank on is that it lumps all players on a server into groups for them to help one another and cooperate to accomplish their group’s goals. Alliances may be called guilds, factions, clans, or loosely similar names but the innate purpose and value holds true across games that have one.

Alliances primarily serve as an extension of an online game’s social feature, more dominantly connecting players with one another over the usual world chat features. Alliances have long since evolved to provide various functions such as providing avenues for cooperative and competitive gameplay as well as additional sources of rewards for the more active members.

There is always an option to create and lead your very own alliance in Last Fortress: Underground but for beginners, we always recommend joining an existing and preferably active alliance first to familiarize yourself with its operations and management. Once the alliance feature becomes available, you can easily apply to join alliances with vacancies and most of them may even sign you up immediately.

One of the biggest benefits you can take advantage of by simply being a member of the alliance is the assist feature. Once you start building or upgrading a facility, or initiate the conduct of a research, an assist icon will appear on it before the speed-up button. Clicking on it will send a message to the alliance and every alliance member who sends you assistance will cut down the completion time of a project.

You can naturally reciprocate the deed by sending assistance to fellow alliance members. Once any member asks for assistance, you will see an icon at the lower right side of your screen and clicking on it takes you to the alliance assistance page where you can then click on the “assist all” button.

There are also daily missions for you to accomplish within the alliance page and these targets are relatively easy to fulfill so long as you are active. Be sure to let the list serve as your guide towards what to do following your visit to the alliance H.Q. there are plenty of alliance features available for you to accomplish as well. Some feats alliance members accomplish also earns gifts for fellow members, be sure to check the gift tab and claim gifts from your fellow alliance members’ accomplishments.

Once you have successfully joined an alliance, you should consider relocating to where your fellow alliance members are. You will be presented with an opportunity to do so quickly enough so choose a location smartly within the mass of alliance fortresses in the area. Being located anywhere near your fellow alliance members is better than being around random players. It not just adds extra layers of security but also eases down travel time in events of raids.

6. Explore The Outside World

Managing and developing your fortress is an ongoing process that you will have to continuously tend to. Survival is the main objective in Last Fortress: Underground and your survival depends on how fast you can grow and develop your fortress along with its residents. Last Fortress: Underground is indeed set in a zomb0ie post-apocalypse and if you have seen a lot of these themes in movies or video games, then you should already know that the zombies are actually the least of your worries.

The PvP-centric strategy game aspect of Last Fortress: Underground will be introduced a little later than usual. What you actually tend to within your fortress and your occasional runs through the campaign mode stages will soon serve as preparatory stages for the real battles that await.

You may have thought that proceeding to pick up survivors and resources as well as killing zombies after discovering them with your radar makes up the entirety of your field trips, but then the bigger half of what Last Fortress: Underground has to offer stretches across a huge world outside your fortress.

We discussed the need for you to continuously multitask early on although our focus was entirely within the various matters that needed attention within your camp. Once you are free to explore the outside world, you should continue to expend energy and make the necessary trips to earn additional resources. Although you are free to manually scour the world map, the search function is the best tool for finding specific items.

You can tap on the “magnifying glass” icon at the left side of the screen to start searching. A consistent objective within the main quests will have you eliminate zombies from one level to the next. You can earn resources for every group you eliminate and there are first time rewards for every level to claim from the mail as well. One detail to consider is the standard combat power or CP of each mob level in relation to your troops’ CP. Be sure to take on zombies who have lower power levels than your army.

Your army will also lose some soldiers in some battles so replenishing the roster forms part of the routine as well each time you send them out. This leads to another set of facilities within your fortress that will add to the continuous processes you need to keep running. There will be 3 different types of training facilities for you to build and upgrade and once they are operational, you need to train more troops constantly.

Beyond zombies, there are numerous resource spots scattered across the map as well. As much as you can generate some basic resources on your own, the rate at which you can generate materials within your fortress is far from enough compared to your camp’s growing needs. As such, be ready to search for and gather resources from resource spots near your fortress.

7. Accomplish Achievement Objectives And Event Targets

Last Fortress: Underground certainly provides ample opportunities for players to make good progress with the amount of resources they can earn every step of the way. Actively tending to your camp ensures a continuous inflow of most materials you need and exercising strategies to run production and exploration efficiently can lead to amassing resources at an even faster rate.

Beyond all the resources you can generate and earn through various activities, however, Last Fortress: Underground provides numerous extra ways to reward you based on your progress and rate of activity.

One solid determinant of your overall progress in Last Fortress: Underground ties up with the story chapters and achievements. After focusing on the main quest and completing day 6, you will still be left with a plethora of achievement objectives to take on. In essence, the achievement targets work very much like the objectives laid out in the chapter missions and each one directly relates to the usual activities you should spend your time on as you manage and operate your fortress.

Although you are sure to accomplish a lot of the feats listed under the achievements window, the best approach is to check the list and be familiar with what you need to do to accomplish them and earn the rewards.

With the various game elements we have discussed so far, the amount of content Last Fortress: Underground offers for players certainly ensures gameplay progression that favors the most active of players. In addition to the outright rewards you obtain from partaking in the many activities, as well as added rewards from daily missions and achievements, Last Fortress: Underground provides even more for players who achieve more.

Going through all the tips and strategies we laid out so far still leaves you with plenty of icons and features to explore and look into on your own and a lot of those relate to time-limited events that are well worth peeking into and taking advantage of. There is a trophy icon at the upper right side of the screen, which is your portal to the events center. These events usually reward you extra resources based on the rate of progression you accomplish across different metrics.

The Warpath Event icon beside that lists event objectives you should push to accomplish within the first week of your immersion. Target objectives are divided across 5 days and each one aligns well enough to the list of missions and achievements that all relate to your daily activities. Some of the rewards you can earn here are difficult to obtain anywhere else and the top reward is certainly worth all the effort.

8. Regularly Check Your Inventory And Mail

You can very much proceed with the usual activities you engage in without even peeking into your inventory. Whether you are conducting research, upgrading a facility, or levelling up your heroes, Last Fortress: Underground makes it convenient for you to see the needed resources in contrast with the available supply that you have. A lot of the resources and materials you earn can be used as is but then there are rewards that come packed in chests that need to be opened to reveal the real rewards.

There are consumable items that let you recruit new heroes to join your roster and these are examples of items you should immediately use. A lot of the items are most likely speed-ups so you will basically just monitor how much you have and how much you can afford to use. There are supply crates that hold basic resources within them and these are the ones you should only use when you absolutely have to. Being raided can mean losing supplies in your storage but resources in crates within your inventory will never be pillaged.

Another good reason to visit your inventory is to ensure your familiarity with all the items you have accumulated over the course of your adventure. There could be items you can equip to some heroes or unique consumables that provide buffs for your fortress for a limited period of time.

Most of the rewards you earn go straight to your inventory but some items wind up in your mail first. Whenever you see a red dot indicator atop the mail icon at the lower right side of the screen, be sure to check it as the message may hold rewards that you need to claim.

Relative to your inventory and its management. Most players, especially beginners are likely to try and hold on to every resource they have. There are inarguable benefits to exercising prudence when it comes to utilizing resources but Last Fortress: Underground, setting you up in a competitive survival environment requires as much rapid progression as possible to stay ahead of the pack.

Of course, effort and strategic planning contributes to efficiency but utilizing resources when needed, most especially speed-ups, can tremendously boost your fortress’ growth and development. You can opt to save speed-ups for emergencies while keeping in mind that you will constantly have opportunities to earn more from them. Otherwise, do not hesitate to use them if you are rushing towards specific outputs and upgrades.

9. Prepare Well Before Launching An Attack

If the earlier activities you will engage in largely relate to building up and developing your camp and your residents, then the latter part of it will mostly lead you on crusades outside of your fortress. Being able to operate and manage the numerous routine activities within your camp certainly takes time to master. Once you are through that phase, you will certainly need to expand your horizons, literally.

Survival, as Last Fortress: Underground’s main objective is, means establishing your defenses while continuing to gather resources to ensure that all your growing needs are met. What this leads to naturally takes you set your sights on other fortresses, particularly those owned by players outside of your alliance. Again, while alliance memberships are basically optional, you cannot survive long without being a part of one.

Now, when it comes to attacking other players’ camps, you certainly cannot do it without ample preparations and planning first. Given that you feel safer and stronger once you have joined an alliance, your first targets ought to be camps not aligned with any alliance. This can be easily determined as the initials of any alliance can be seen within parentheses in front of the fortress owner’s name. n unallied camp will definitely be at a disadvantage but being alone does not guarantee that they are easy pickings.

When you look at any camp, you can vividly see a number on it, indicating its HQ’s level and basically hinting its overall CP. When you tap on it, you can see the camp’s CP, the number of detailed units, and their alliance, if any. While all this information certainly helps you decide whether or not to proceed with an attack, it is best to perform a scout operation first.

Scouting gives you a more detailed set of data regarding the camp you are prospecting to attack, most particularly the resource you can gain off of it. In most cases, of course, it is best to make every attack count especially ones that have risks involved.

While the ability to scout comes as an open feature in most combat strategy games, you will need to unlock this ability in Last Fortress: Underground. If you have actively conducted research on your lab as well as performed the necessary upgrades on it, you should be able to unlock the radar’s capacity to scout by the time you are ready to launch an attack against another player’s camp. If not, the best recourse is to start off joining rallies first and reduce the risk of losing a battle against another fortress.

Unlike conventional base-building strategy games, Last Fortress: Underground will not leave you a lot of time to hide behind a peace shield. Once you decide to attack, or even send scouts to check on any enemy camp, these peace shields instantly go down. As a very valuable resource, shields are rather expensive and difficult to obtain. Choosing to attack anyone, therefore, will automatically come with risks of retaliation, and being open to attacks from other players.

A camp with a higher CP does not necessarily lead you to backing down, especially when you are a member of an active alliance. One option you can consider is to initiate a rally. Rallies basically invite fellow alliance members to join forces to take on targets that are too strong for any single player. Still, though, even a rally against a fortress that is a member of any alliance has its risk, not with regard to being able to defeat that particular camp, but rather what could come in its aftermath.

Attacking any camp that belongs to an alliance will trigger a warning message to its fellow alliance members. While the camp in question may have lower CP than yours, or even not as active, you can expect repercussions for the act of war. More often than not, an attack on any affiliated camp will ignite the fire that starts a war between 2 alliances. Regardless of individual and aggregate strengths of camps on each side, there will always be loss of resources for the duration of attack exchanges.

The worst possible scenario comes when more than 1 alliance has targeted yours and every member in it. Before you decide to attack a camp belonging to any alliance, it is best to consult with your fellow members and leader first.

Last Fortress: Underground is potentially one of the largest mobile games we have played, considering the volume and variety of the content it offers. Although we have not dug as deep into each of the features we discussed, we are confident that all the basics have been covered, leaving the rest to each one’s own exploration. There are surely plenty more of tips and strategies you can discover on your own and if you happen to unearth some as you are reading this guide, be sure to share them with us and your fellow readers in the comment section below!

Last Fortress: Underground Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Grow Your Fortress And Fend Off the Zombie Hordes - Level Winner (2024)
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