Last Fortress Underground guide, tips, and tricks (2024)

The gaming industry offers so many games and so many various genres as well as different approaches to each. But what about those who want to try their hands at surviving the zombie apocalypse in Last Fortress: Underground? Surviving, building a shelter, and exploring the world during a disaster is a unique experience. However, what is the best way to progress in this game so that you do not end up being eaten by monsters? Here is the Last Fortress: Underground guide with tips on how to survive in the world of a zombie apocalypse.


Last Fortress Underground guide, tips, and tricks (1)

Last Fortress: Underground is a strategy action game with elements of adventure from the Chinese studio LIFE IS A GAME LIMITED. This game is available on Android, iOS, macOS, and Microsoft Windows.

Your task is to survive and at the same time upgrade your shelter, checking if the campers are doing their chores. Also, you need to expand the sphere of influence on other lands. The game might remind some of you of Fallout Shelter.


The game has five main characters: the nameless hero himself (you can choose the name), former sheriff Brady, mystical spy Natalie, electrician Fernando, and reporter Emma. But this does not mean they are the only ones to rely on. They can be swapped out for other heroes that will be encountered as the game progresses.

Some classes have special rarity colours. For example, Legendary characters are red while elite ones are purple. In total, there are 6 classes: Legendary (red), Epic (orange), Elite (purple), Rare (blue), Excellent (green), and Normal (gray). We have explained which are the best heroes in Last Fortress Underground, if you're looking for shortcuts, use it.


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In the shelter, there are the following rooms:

  • Bedroom. A place to recover after a day's work. Build and upgrade bedrooms to increase the number of inhabitants in the shelter.
  • Dining room. The mood is affected by the catering of the residents; if it goes below 60%, people will begin to leave the shelter, and you will lose staff. The canteen will store and prepare meals for residents. The speed of cooking and the variety of dishes is determined by the level of the object.
  • Ladder. A crucially important element of the shelter which allows workers to move between floors of the shelter. Ladders allow shifting resources for the canteen and the warehouse faster.
  • Roof terrace. There is a machine gun in the area, which can be used to protect the shelter from zombie attacks. If you increase the level of the area then you can strengthen the defense and increase the quality of the rewards for destroying enemies.
  • The control centre. It is the heart of the whole shelter; its level determines the shelter's level, the availability of building construction, and the research of new technologies. After the facility has been repaired and upgraded, you can explore new parts of the hideout.
  • Warehouse. This is where previously obtained resources are stored. Improving this area will expand the space and capacity of the warehouse itself.


There are a couple of points to keep in mind as you progress so the game does not seem so difficult. Just follow these steps and you will be good.

Tip #1 - Do not ignore the main plot

The more you complete the main story, the more understandable it becomes. As you progress, other opportunities will open up. For example, you will be able to join alliances. Additionally for completing tasks, you will earn rewards.

Tip #2 - Explore the world

Exploring the world will open up access to new resources and income. It will also teach you that zombies are not the only ones in the world. After all, there are other wandering souls besides you and monsters.

Tip #3 -Take an active part in receiving Achievements and Events

For the fulfilment of a particular achievement, you can receive valuable rewards, which are often very useful for both you and the shelter. Do not forget to perform daily tasks, because they also give rewards. On top of that, do not forget about the events. The level of reward and its amount depends on the difficulty.

Tip #4 -Regularly check the mail tab

Most of the rewards you get from achievements go straight to the mailbox. As soon as a notification appears on the mailbox label, it means something is waiting for you in that tab.

Tip #5 - Join the alliance as soon as possible

Another reason to go through the main story is that after the 6th day there is an opportunity to get into the alliance. You can also create your own alliance, but at lower levels, it is not recommended to do so. Joining an alliance is not that difficult - requests to join are quickly accepted. Another advantage of joining an alliance is the fact that when you start an upgrade or conduct research, a button with assistance appears immediately on the side. When sending a request for help, you can get help from other members of the alliance.


This was a short guide to the zombie apocalypse strategy game Last Fortress: Underground. For the fans of all kinds of similar titles, pick your platform and check the lists of best Android zombie games, best zombie games on iOS, and the finest Roblox zombie games.

Last Fortress Underground guide, tips, and tricks (2024)
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