Optimizing Production Buildings (2024)


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Assigning Solari Heroes
  • 3 Improving Solari Heroes
    • 3.1 Skill Bonuses
    • 3.2 Stats
      • 3.2.1 STR
      • 3.2.2 INT
      • 3.2.3 AGI
      • 3.2.4 VIT
      • 3.2.5 LUK
  • 4 Location of Fortress Buildings
  • 5 Solving Specific Issues
    • 5.1 Not enough Food
    • 5.2 Hidden Mines


This guide describes how to get more out of your production Buildings. The first section covers the assignment of Solari Heroes. The second section how to improve the Solari heroes. Other ways to improve building productivity that are not yet covered here are: Upgrading Buildings, Research, Fortress Layout.

Assigning Solari Heroes[]

In the table below, the bonuses given from improved Stats are given for each Building. In the second column, the stat that is relevant is shown. The third column shows the amount needed for the bonus in the fourth column (i.e. In the case of the Research Lab every 12 points of INT, gives +1% Reasearch speed increase). If a multiple of the stat is gained, the bonus is also gained multiple times. The final column shows an example of useful heroes for that job.

BuildingStat UsedStat AmountResulting BonusUseful Heroes
Work StationSTR20+2 Distribution Load Maurer, Pearson, Pheidias, Grace, McCaul, Jack Chang, Fernando, Brady
BarLUK401% Storage Cap Christine
MintVIT401 ZCoin/hr Lambert
Water TreatmentVIT41 Water/hr Mario
Wheat FarmVIT401% Wheat/hr Erica
Pumpkin FarmVIT401% Pumpkin/hr Cara
Gopher FarmAGI401% Gopher/hr Bonnie
Dairy FarmAGI401% Milk/hr Elena
Power GeneratorAGI41 Power/hr McKinley
LaboratoryINT121% Research Speed Luke
Iron MineLUK601 Iron/hr Lemuros or Diana
Stone MineLUK401 Stone/hr Bacchus or Diana
Coal MineLUK401 Coal/hr Diana
GymVIT401% Training Speed Lori or Fiona
Sparring RoomVIT401% Training Speed Beesly or Fiona
Shooting RangeVIT401% Training Speed Pamela or Fiona
InfirmaryLUK201 Medicine/hrHelen
Control CenterINT321% Construction Speed Wolowitz
WarehouseAGI41 Warehouse Safeguard Laura Chen
DinerAGI41 Cooking Speed Tikka or Emma
Herb FarmINT202 Herb/hr Lafite Marceau

The bonus from a building, e.g. Work Station (extra Distribution Load), is not always relevant. If NATE is active in the fortress and there is no manual distribution of goods in the fort, this Work Station bonus is not used. Other bonuses like Training Speed and increased stone output can be very useful. One can assign unused Solari Heroes where they are most useful to the player. Some recommended places are: Mints, Training Rooms, Iron and Stone mines.

Improving Solari Heroes[]

Skill Bonuses[]

Many heroes have skills that directly improve a Building if they are working there. An example is Maurer's first skill, Civil Engineering, which improves Construction Speed by a maximum of 25% when working at a Work Station. The skills of each Hero can be seen ingame in the Compendium or at individual Solari Hero pages. Leveling these skill can be quite costly for a starting player. There are also other skills that can be leveled that improve PvP or Exploration combat ability and rewards. If choosing to level production related skills, skills that improve Construction Speed or Bar income is recommended to be the first to level. In the case of Solari Hero skills, the hero medal cost to upgrade is increasing faster than the bonus; 0-5-15-45-120 versus for example 5%-10%-15%-20%-25% so spreading out is a smart option.


So improving hero stats can directly improve the production of the building that hero works at. Certain stats are easier to get than others. Wolowitz is the only hero with a skill, his first one Leader, that improves each stat by a small amount. The other ways to level these stats is to improve the Heroes' Level, to Ascend the hero and to equip the Hero with Gear. For each stat, example gear is shown below. It is recommended to use purple level 15 equipment, but if there are excess Tin and Gear, the best gear would be lvl 20 Orange gear with related stats.


Weapon slots and Jewelry slots gives bonus STR when leveling the gear. Futhermore, the weapon slots can give% STR as an orange trait.

STR% Weapon--STR% Jewelry
Optimizing Production Buildings (35)--Optimizing Production Buildings (36)


Weapon slots and Jewelry slots gives bonus INT when leveling the gear. Futhermore, the weapon slots can give% INT as an orange trait.

INT% Weapon--INT% Jewelry
Optimizing Production Buildings (37)--Optimizing Production Buildings (38)


The Helm and Body types give AGI when leveling the gear. Weapon, Helmet and Body's are all able to boost AGI with random orange traits. It is best to use gear with the% boost to AGI to gain more total stats.

AGI% WeaponAGI% HelmetAGI% Body-
Optimizing Production Buildings (39)Optimizing Production Buildings (40)Optimizing Production Buildings (41)-


The Helm and Body types give VIT when leveling the gear. The random orange traits of these slots can give additional VIT.

-VIT% HelmetVIT% Body-
-Optimizing Production Buildings (42)Optimizing Production Buildings (43)-


LUK bonus from Gear can only be gained from randomized orange traits of Jewelry types.

---LUK Jewelry
--Optimizing Production Buildings (44)

It is not needed to get matching set gear for boosting production, as none of the set bonuses give any of the stat boost above. Orange gear is an improvement over most purple gear due to the extra stats it gives, even at level 15.

Location of Fortress Buildings[]

The location of Fortress Buildings is not that relevant for extra productivity. Here are a couple of tips to make it a bit better.

  • If the Fortress is excavated fully, then placing Gopher Wheels and Traps at the bottom floors of the fort will allow Gophers to more often get caught in the traps and the wheels.
  • Placing the Production Buildings close to the Storage or Diner building will result in less travel time for worker heroes / NATE.
  • It is recommended to place other buildings at easily accessible places. For example, you could place all training rooms close together to make it easier to locate and to use those buildings. Placing production buildings clustered together also allows you to claim rewards faster.

Solving Specific Issues[]

Optimizing Production Buildings (45)

Not enough Food[]

In the beginning stages of the game, food consumption is rather high. The only consumption of food comes from residents, which will work less hard if there is not enough food. Improving the food production can give a breather room to sustain your residents, but the best way to solve this issue is to reduce the food consumption. This is done by increasing the Dining Efficiency. Leveling the Diner will increasingly improve the Dining Efficiency. Tikka's 3rd and Emma's 2nd skill also give bonuses to the Dining Efficiency of the Fortress. At higher levels, the Food Consumption should be a lot lower than the amount of residents in the Fortress, allowing you to build up a buffer of food that can last for a while. Bugged since Update 1.298.001

Hidden Mines[]

People that have played for longer can have buildings blocking newer mining sites. There are in total 4 Advanced Iron Mines, 4 Advanced Stone Quarries and 1 Advanced Coal Mine. If the Fortress is fully excavated and not all mines are active, you can place buildings elsewhere until the mines are found. The Coal mine is located on Floor -10, The Stone mines on floors -13, -13, -15 and -19. The Iron mines on floors -14, -18, -19 and -20. The fortress' lowest floor is -22

Optimizing Production Buildings (2024)
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