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  • 🔺 Power 25 Analysis: 5/27 Update▪️ No. 1: De Pere▪️ No. 2: Oak Creek▪️ No. 3: Sun Prairie East

2. Wisconsin - Prep Baseball Report

  • WI PBT Youth World Series at The Rock: Takeaways 6.04.24 Scouting reports on some of the players that stood out to our scouting staff from the weekend. PBR ...

  • 🔺 Power 25 Analysis: 5/27 Update▪️ No. 1: De Pere▪️ No. 2: Oak Creek▪️ No. 3: Sun Prairie East

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4. Wisconsin High School Baseball Rankings - Wisconsin Sports Network

  • The rankings are compiled and voted on by the Wisconsin Baseball Coaches Association. Division 1 rankings produced in partnership with PBR Wisconsin.

  • Wisconsin's #1 source for high school sports information

5. Wisconsin Baseball Coaches Association

  • Wisconsin Baseball Coaches Association · UW-Whitewater Advances To NCAA Baseball World Series · Final PBR/WBCA Rankings for the Season · East All-Stars Announced.

  • Our membership deadline has passed for this year.  Please look next November or early December for information on joining the WBCA.

6. Wisconsin - TBR

  • Apr 17, 2024 · 2024. Wisconsin Rankings · PTA Cardinal · GRB Green​ · Hitters National · Hawks Heavy Hitters · GRB Sticks Black · Lannon Stonemen Blue · Hamilton JR ...

  • Rankings Updated: 4/17/24 FAQs

Wisconsin - TBR

7. Class of 2025 Wisconsin HS Baseball Player State Rankings - Perfect Game

  • Perfect Game's Class of 2025 HS Baseball Player WI State Rankings. Ranking Last Updated 5/8/2024.

  • Perfect Game

Class of 2025 Wisconsin HS Baseball Player State Rankings - Perfect Game

8. Nation's best baseball players ready to impress at AmFam Field

  • Sep 19, 2023 · While the players will be from all over the country, Wisconsin's prospects like Dix and DeTienne, are getting noticed nationally a lot more than ...

  • It's a gathering of talent from across the country and they'll all be in Milwaukee. Brandon Cruz goes Beyond the Game with some of the best high school baseball players.

Nation's best baseball players ready to impress at AmFam Field

9. 4th State Poll Released by PBR and WBCA

  • May 12, 2024 · The Prep Baseball Report/WBCA State Rankings for the week of May 13, Week 4 · Sun Prairie East 20-0 · Muskego 17-1 · Oak Creek 16-2 · De Pere 16-3 ...

  • The Prep Baseball Report/WBCA State Rankings for the week of May 13, Week 4 Division I: Sun Prairie East 20-0 Muskego 17-1 Oak Creek 16-2 De Pere 16-3 Stevens Point 20-0 Manitowoc 18-2 Hartford 17-2 Kimberly 15-3 Union Grove 16-4 Union Grove 16-4 Menomonee Falls 16-4 Nicolet 17-4 Ar

4th State Poll Released by PBR and WBCA

10. PBR April 27th - Wisconsin Sports Network

  • Rankings produced by Prep Baseball Report Wisconsin. The Power 25 is a composite ranking of the top 25 teams in the state regardless of division, as determined ...

  • Wisconsin's #1 source for high school sports information

Pbr Wisconsin Baseball (2024)


Is PBR baseball worth it? ›

Prep Baseball Report

Offers good exposure at the state and regional level, with some franchises providing better experiences than others. PBR's partnerships with top tech companies can enhance the quality of player data, making it more attractive for coaches and scouts.

How do you get invited to PBR baseball? ›

Teams are selected through a large database and intensive player and team review by appointed PBR staff. This is an invite only event and teams will be invited directly by the PBR Staff. Having these smaller invite only events will create an atmosphere of top competition and visibility for everyone involved.

How much does PBR baseball pay? ›

How much does a Professional Baseball Player make in California? As of May 26, 2024, the average hourly pay for a Professional Baseball Player in California is $17.94 an hour.

How many swings do you get at a PBR showcase? ›

Every player will get 10 swings during their round of batting practice while switch-hitters will get six swings from each side. Just like pitchers, there are a variety of things we look at for every batter aside from the obvious, which in this case is the result off the barrel.

Is PBR a good company? ›

PBR Reviews FAQs

Is PBR a good company to work for? PBR has an overall rating of 3.3 out of 5, based on over 45 reviews left anonymously by employees. 47% of employees would recommend working at PBR to a friend and 48% have a positive outlook for the business. This rating has been stable over the past 12 months.

Are college prospect camps worth it? ›

This can be a valuable experience for athletes looking to improve their skills and get noticed by college coaches. Evaluation: College coaches use prospect camps to evaluate the talent of potential recruits. This can be a great opportunity for athletes to impress coaches and potentially earn a scholarship offer.

Do college coaches look at PBR? ›

The best way a player can get a complete profile is by attending one of PBR's events. More than 1,000 college and pro scouts use PBR to look for players that would be a possible candidate for their organization. A normal query that a college or pro scout might look for is: Plays in California.

How do you qualify for PBR? ›

A rider must be at least 18 years of age to purchase a PBR Membership and must fill out the PBR Membership Application below for each PBR Season they wish to purchase participate in the PBR. The yearly Membership fee of $520 is valid from time of purchase through Oct. 31 of that season.

How does PBR baseball work? ›

The Prep Baseball Report is currently in 41 states and Canada, each with a scouting director that focuses on the amateur talent in their respective territory. Prep Baseball's hyper-local focus is augmented by its national scouting staff that focuses on the top national prospects in all prep classes.

Do PBR team riders get paid? ›

The PBR has had 20 or more riders earn over $100,000 each of the last five years and the PBR World Finals has the largest single payout of any bull riding event on the planet.

How much do PBR riders win? ›

The record prize purse – awarding in excess of $3.13 million – has been increased by nearly a half-million dollars from the 2023 iteration of the event.

How much do PBR judges get paid? ›

What are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Pbr Jobs
CityAnnual SalaryHourly Wage
Washington, DC$43,531$20.93
San Francisco, CA$42,500$20.43
Los Angeles, CA$41,751$20.07
Marysville, WA$41,640$20.02
6 more rows

Are PBR state games worth it? ›

Are They Worth It? PBR showcases are highly valued within the baseball community, thanks in large part to the access they provide to college coaches and professional scouts. Over 700 college programs subscribe to the PBR website, thus giving players the potential to be seen by many coaches.

How many games are in a PBR? ›

All eight PBR Teams will compete in two games at each event (one game per night). The head-to-head games will feature each team selecting five riders to match up against five bulls assigned to their team. The team with the highest aggregate score will be the game winner.

What does a PBR show consist of? ›

All eight teams compete in head-to-head, 5-on-5 games against a different opponent each day (totaling four games per event day). The team with the highest aggregate score from the respective matchup will win that game.

Is Perfect Game Showcases worth it? ›

The decision to attend a Perfect Game Showcase depends on your goals and expectations. However, considering the limitations and potential costs, it is often unlikely to be a worthwhile investment for most individuals doing it to advance their baseball careers.

Is PBR better than Perfect Game? ›

Perfect Game is generally considered to have a better reach, draw, and respect within the baseball community, providing athletes with more exposure through its prestigious events and larger number of scouts in attendance.

Are college baseball showcases worth it? ›

Recruiting Advantage: Attending a college baseball showcase camp can give high school players a recruiting advantage. It shows college coaches that the player is serious about playing at the next level and is willing to invest in their future as a baseball player.

Is travel baseball worth it? ›

So we've come to the biggest question: Is travel ball worth it? If you want to improve your skills and have the best chance to play in college or the pros, travel baseball is the way to go. But remember: there is a range of cost and time commitment within travel baseball.

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